Safe Holidays

Your safety is our priority!

New cleaning process - maximum guarantee for hygiene and safety! Natural ozone gas disinfection - feel like being the first to enter the apartment.

The ongoing situation presents us hosts with a new challenge. It arises and the question:

How can I offer my guests a healthy and relaxing environment?

Real recovery only begins when you feel safe and can let yourself go and relax. With the ongoing Corona crisis, we asked ourselves how we can clean our apartments even better in order to protect our guests as much as possible, not only now, but also in the winter months when flu waves are prevalent.

After extensive research and consultation with experts, we decided to disinfect our apartments with ozone after the intensive cleaning. Ozone acts as trivalent oxygen - i.e. as a gas already present in nature (e.g. it is released during thunderstorms) - on the air and on surfaces and textiles that come into contact with the air.

Ozone renders bacteria and viruses harmless and destroys mites, insects, bacteria, spores and molds in an absolutely natural, environmentally friendly and safe way.

Since ozone is a heavier gas than air, it can penetrate the fibers of fabrics (mattresses, sofas, armchairs, carpets, car interiors). In this way, it reaches and eliminates every microorganism and every malodorous substance, even in the most difficult to reach places, which cannot be thoroughly cleaned with a classic wash cycle, however carefully and precisely.

Since ozone is an unstable gas, ozone is converted back into oxygen 20 minutes after switching on the device without leaving any traces or chemical residues.

The room can be re-entered 20-30 minutes after sanitizing with ozone.

This hygiene guarantee means that everyone who enters the room has the feeling of being the first to enter this room.

Ozone has been declared a safe agent by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been used to sanitize operating rooms for several years.

This is the maximum guarantee of hygiene and safety!

Description of the procedure

The generator generates the ozone from the oxygen contained in the room air. The ozone destroys the virus by diffusing through the protein envelope into the nucleic acid core, resulting in an irreparable and fatal one

Damage to the viral RNA leads. At higher concentrations, ozone destroys the capsid or the outer protein shell through oxidation.

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