The Dolomites

UNESCO World Heritage

Gentle yet rugged, remote yet cosmopolitan, sky high yet down-to-earth. South Tyrol, the land on the sunny side of the Alps. A magical place that draws visitors to its pale faced mountains. Once a riff in the ocean, their craggy rocks now loom 3000m above sea level.


Enjoy the views to the South from Mudlerhof of the jagged tops of the Pragser Dolomites. The “Seekofel” with its prominent right-angled face dominates the silhouette on the horizon. These magical mountains change their face, their colour and their luminosity during the day and throughout the year. From blazing red to shimmering white, within grasp or miles away. With every glimpse you sense the infinity of the mountains.


Lose your heart forever in the Dolomites with their clear views and colourful flora and fauna. The pale face of the mountains will haunt you forever and your heart will follow the call of the Dolomites over and over again.

Drei Zinnen and Sextner Dolomites are easily acccessible from the farm and belong to the highlights of each Mudlerhof holiday.

The Dolomites are a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site. It is our duty and responsibility to protect them.

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