Tradition and Farming Customs

“What you have inherited from your fathers, earn over again for yourselves or it will not be yours.” J.W.Goethe

At Mudlerhof you can experience a symbiosis of the modern and traditional worlds.
We are simple farmers in heart and in soul with a love for the great outdoors. We want to pass on our enthusiasm to our guests.

History of Mudlerhof

Mudlerhof is over 500 years old and has a very active tale to tell. Previously it was known as the „Preindlgut“ and gave the present-day hamlet Preindl its name. For over 100 years it has been in the hands of the Walder family.

In 1854 Josef Viertler bought a majority stake in the „Preindlgut“ and renamed it „Mudler zu Preindl“ „Mudeln“ translates as „to thresh“ and Mudler thresher’s task was to thresh and grind the corn from the neighbouring farmers.

As both sons died young, their daughter Agnes was the only heiress. She married one of the farm laborers, but when he became ill she vowed to build a chapel in his honour for the Virgin Mary. She remained childless and bestowed the farm to the poorest family in the valley. Brothers Georg and Ferdinand Walder took over the farm. Georg married and became father to 6 children, five boys and one girl.

The troubles of the war also left its scars on the family. All 5 sons fought on the front, but returned physically fit but mentally and emotionally troubled. The eldest brother Peter Walder married Walburga Mooswalder at the end of the Second World War. Peter is the eldest of 5 children and took over the farm in 1976. He will soon pass on the farm to his youngest son Valentin.

Nature Apartments Sunnig

Nature Apartments Sunnig

Our two holiday homes, newly built, with a total of 5 apartments for 4-6 pers. of about 80 m² each, describe the atmosphere of the South Tyrolean life of comfort and modern welcome.

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