Kneipp’s Philosophy

Wellness for Heart and Soul Tyrolean Style

The elements of water, herbs, movement, nutrition and an organised lifestyle form the basis of pastor Kneipp’s philosophy.

A „Kneipp“ walkway at the farm offers one of the best ways to keep fit. The healing power of water is one of the 5 pillars of pastor Kneipp’s philosophy to soothe all ailments. Wade through the walkway after a long hike to refresh your tired legs. The Mudlerhof with its idyllic setting is a wellness oasis itself. Marigold and chamomile and other wild herbs grow just outside the doorstep.

Calm down, relax and unwind. Make yourself at home at Mudlerhof and treat yourself to a glass of fresh water, straight from our natural well. Allow us to show you the benefits of this way of life. Back to the roots with simplicity, authenticity and nature.

A small chapel, just above the farm offers a haven of peace to gain strength in prayer, to unload fears and worries and to look positively into the future.

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