Cows are calling!

When the clock strikes 5pm, it’s time to be back at the farm, as the cows are calling. Pull on your overalls and get ready for the cowshed. The cows and calves like to be stroked and fed. You may even be lucky enough to experience the birth of a calf.

Valentin is happy to answer all your questions:
- How long does a cow sleep?
- What does a cow eat and how does its digestion work?

Who dares to feel a calf’s tongue? Who will win the milking gold medal?
If you help Peter milk the cows, he may take you for a spin in his tractor!

Why not join Peter in the cow shed? Pull on your farmer's gear (Agatha provides the outfits) and get down to work. You may even be lucky enough to experience the birth of a calf. Peter will show you how to milk the cows, and how to fed the cows and thier calves. Who dares to touch a calf's rough tongue? Do you know what fresh cow's milk tastes like? Now is your chance! After the work is done, superfarmer Peter will be more than happy to give you a ride on his tractor around the farm.

Nature Apartments Sunnig

Nature Apartments Sunnig

Our two holiday homes, newly built, with a total of 5 apartments for 4-6 pers. of about 80 m² each, describe the atmosphere of the South Tyrolean life of comfort and modern welcome.

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