Hiker’s Paradise in Casies Valley

The fresh green Valle di Casies, on the other hand, has managed to grab some space between the ridges of the Vedrette di Ries-Rieserferner chain and the Deferegg Alps. The valley runs as far as S. Maddalena-St. Magdalena: broad, flat, sunny, and beautiful. The slopes are bedecked on both sides of the valley with thick forests of fir and spruce. Magnificent farmhouses with balconies blackened by the sun seem to almost be randomly scattered across the flower and herb-covered meadows. At the Voadohuibn Farmer’s Museum, visitors get a view into the olden days, such as by getting a look at old tools used for hard farm work. Once a year, the otherwise still winter is interrupted by a colorful event: the Valle di Casies Race draws hundreds or even thousands of participants and spectators to and onto the cross country ski trail. In the summer, it is time for the Valle di Casies Alpine Farmhouse Festival, which provides for all sorts of excitement.

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